Insects are excellent bio-converters, able to quickly and efficiently transform large quantities of organic substrates into biomass rich in proteins, lipids, and chitin as an ingredient for feed and food. Also, the residual stream from rearing insects has great potential for increasing soil fertilization and health.


In 2007, the Netherlands was the first Western country to sell edible insects in supermarkets. I pioneered the first project to bring edible insects to Dutch consumers in collaboration with Laboratory of Entomology at Wageningen University & Research. I was the driving force behind getting insects as an innovative protein source of feed and food onto the national policy agenda and uniting Dutch insect farmers in an association called Venik. Today, the Netherlands is a frontrunner when it comes to insect research, developing insect technology, and promoting these issues in policy.


I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Home Economics at Wageningen University & Research with a master’s in Business Creation in Food and Health. I have a background in labor market, rural and agricultural innovation policy, and am experienced in setting up (youth) employment projects.


Translating research results into practical knowledge is my core business: disseminating knowledge of insect rearing and processing through training, education, and practical implementation with technical assistance. I'am internationally experienced in giving training in practical insect rearing.