Barbados’ agricultural ministry is being inspired by the Dutch horticulture

Minister-president Marc Rutte visited Cuba as a representor of the Dutch Caribbean Isle’s in June 2016. He spoke with Barbados’ head of government. This Caribbean isle has an estimated amount of 300.000 inhabitants, it has a high population density and it is one of the most prosperous isles from Central- and South-America. Barbados’ agricultural sector, however, does not preform optimal, which is mainly due to a lack in cultivation(technical)- and management skills. Barbados’ Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management (MAFFW) is currently implementing a program in order to bring the necessity of a more efficient and sustainable food production to the people’s attention.


Following Rutte’s visit and after having been invited by the Dutch government, two representatives from Barbados, Mr. Andre Devonish and Mr. Rodney Brandford, paid a visit to the Dutch horticulture sector.  Both gentlemen are involved in setting up a demonstration- and training farm of circa 10 ha. A lot of focus will be on mid-tech cultivation techniques. The visit served as an inspiration as well as a way to investigate the (im-)possibilities of collaboration.


HollandDoor has, at the request of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, arranged the complete organization and realization of a 4-day tailor made study trip. The study trip took place from the 23rd to the 27th of April 2017.


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