‘Work based learning’ study tour strengthens ties between Georgia and the Netherlands

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, HollandDoor gave 14 visitors from Georgia a lively and inspiring study visit to the Netherlands in December 2021. The tour was commissioned by the Georgian Farmers Association (GFA).The program was implemented in cooperation with the Venlo branch of HAS University. It has provided great insights into practical education and partnerships between organizations in the education and private sectors. Moreover, this visit strengthened ties between the 14 Georgian teachers from agricultural colleges, students, private sector instructors, the staff of GFA and the donor UNDP with education and agribusiness in the Netherlands.


GFA unites about 4,000 farmers across Georgia and acts as a facilitator between the government and farmers. GFA takes an active role in various development projects along the value chain. The cornerstones of these projects are education and training. These tools stimulate and support (young) actors in the sector and teach them how to view agriculture as a business. In one of these projects, GFA addresses work-based learning (WBL) in the Georgian VET system, aimed at supporting socioeconomic development and poverty reduction and closing the gap between education and the labor market. Against that background, the 14 visitors – funded by the UNDP and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – traveled to the Netherlands to familiarize themselves with WBL in the Dutch education sector.


The program also introduced participants to Dutch educational methods used at HAS University (applied sciences level) and Yuverta (vocational level). The visit was enriched by student meetings, a visit to the European Parliament and site visits to agribusinesses in the Venlo region that specialize in plant breeding and propagation, fruit cultivation, dairy, veterinary, gardening, and food processing.


For more information please contact Jos Leeters.