Dutch study tour for vocational educational institutes in Belarus

In the first week of March 2020, HollandDoor supported a study tour for directors and principles of vocational educational centres and recourse centres in Belarus.The autonomy of vocational education centres in Belarus has expanded considerably in terms of decision-making in relation to internal operations, educational processes and research, as well as in managing financial, human and other resources. They also co-operate with organizations, regional and local labour markets, and develop enrolment management plans.


Resource centres (RCs) play a vital role in VET delivery. Based within existing VET institutions, they are concentrating existing resources in one place to ensure state-of-the-art equipment, up-to-date technologies and modern didactics. Demand-oriented trainings are available for rolling out in specific economic sectors.


The objective of the study visit was to allow representatives to learn from the Dutch business approach, experience and attitude. This can be used in the management and promotion of resource centres (centres of excellence). In this week participants visited many educational organizations in several sectors (e.g. construction, technology, and agriculture) and supportive organizations (e.g. SBB) to gain inspiration and to discuss the qualification structure for curriculum development, the assessment methodology and the business approach in cooperating with the industry/sector and relevant companies.


For more information, please contact Engelie Beenen.