Benin: Video conferencing enables weekly training sessions

Some readers may be aware of the Nuffic-funded OKP project in Benin, in which we conduct training sessions in horticulture, irrigation, and animal production. We began this program as 2020 came to a close. As we cannot yet travel to Benin, we installed a high-tech video conferencing system in all participating schools: KIKA, INA, NATI, and BANIKOARA.Today, thanks to modern technology, we can successfully conduct weekly training sessions. The teachers and participants found it challenging at first, but everybody is now getting used to this type of teaching and a part of the project has already been completed.


As well as the online courses, we organized a practical cheese and milk production training session in Benin. The session was organized through a local company, with a bit of distance learning thrown in. Over the next few months, we will be focusing on plant production, Integrated Pest Management, poultry, and with the method CowSignals we will teach how to detect problems in your cattle. In irrigation module, the participants will start building their own hydroponic irrigation system, in a small scale, to learn all the details.


We will keep you updated with the results. This program is made possible by Nuffic in the  Netherlands.

For more information, please contact Ad Merks