Practical training in poultry farming in Benin

From July 12 to 5, 2022 training in poultry farming was offered to the teachers of four technical agricultural schools (LTAs) of Kika, Banikoara, Ina et Natitingou in Benin with the aim of offering them all the knowledge and skills they need to raise poultry for meat and eggs and to refresh their practical competences. The teachers were trained on three modules: the economic importance of poultry farming, the best housing design for your poultry project and identifying a suitable breed for your poultry project.


In the first module, they learned about the advantages and disadvantages of poultry farming, the economics of poultry keeping, motivations of farmers to keep poultry and a summary of the cost of poultry production to help you assess whether the business could be profitable in Benin.


The second module described the requirements of a good poultry house: identifying a suitable size for a poultry house and a good site for construction and determining the most suitable poultry production system for your project.


In the third module, the teachers learned how to identify the common chicken breeds and apply the appropriate incubation practices in the hatching of chicks. During the training, various companies situated near Cotonou were visited. All companies were situated near Cotonou and were very willing to receive the teachers of the four LTA schools.


For more information, please contact Maarten Heijne (project leader Orange knowledge Programme/Nuffic project Benin).