Third training for staff of AgroTie and AgroStar

AgroTie is a training and service center located near Bangalore, India. It is a private sector initiative, with the mission to strengthen the economical perspective of farmers and rural communities in Karnataka. In the week of May 10, staff members of AgroTie and AgroStar, another company that also participates in this program, followed their third week of a four-week tailored training program. This time the team visited the Netherlands. During the week, they attended workshops and trainings and various visits were made to companies to see in practice what was already learned in theory.


Topics that have been covered include:

  • integrated pest management, fertigation and irrigation
  • marketing methods, added value, packaging, role of information, linkages between farmers and market players
  • cooperation between growers and how to organize a private knowledge organization which acts in the interest of the growers
  • inclusion of women


It’s not the knowledge that gives the advantage, but what you do with this knowledge. Based on that motto, we spent an entire morning converting all the visits, trainings and impressions into tailored personal actions in India. In the next training session in India, we will focus on the progress of these actions.


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